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Plan Streams with Now, Next, Later

Leaders need to show vision, plans and progress up and down the chain. Using the now, next, later format helps gather and format ideas into a shareable intelligent format.

In Leadership, May 25, 2024

What is an options paper

Options papers frame a problem and outline what support needed to solve it. Large organisations use them to decide where to spend money and time. Learn how to write options papers here.

In management, Apr 26, 2024

Conway's Law for Business People

Conway’s Law is that teams will create products that reflect the structures of the organsiation they work within. Learn how to use this to your advantage.

In leadership, Mar 17, 2024

Organisational Debt

We’re familiar with financial debt. Workers in IT understand technical debt. Recognising organisational debt and how to manage it is important for leaders to succeed in their mission.

In transformation, Feb 10, 2024